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Goa Things to Do

Goa is mesmerizing and dazzling destination to visit. If you are planning to visit Goa and you have in mind what to do in Goa, then things to do in Goa starts from visiting the famous tourist places, astonishing temples, magnificent churches, historic museums and striking beaches not only in Goa but places around Goa are worth to visit. Apart from the visiting beaches and famous tourist destination there are lots of interesting things can be done. Goa is well known place for party, fun and happiness. Goa is blend of mixed culture and you will know that after visiting it. Goa is a great place for fun activities like visiting of wildlife sanctuary, trip of cruises, small village around and in Goa. Another interesting way to spend in Goa is to get cozy with your partner or chill out with friends at good movie halls in Goa. There are a good number of cinema halls in Goa and 2 multiplexes. Latest Hindi and English movies are up in the theatres of Goa. What to do in Goa never ends in this dazzling and charming city.

Tourist come here to enjoy, relax and for peace of mind. But there is one more place that is very different from beaches, casinos and churches. Spice Plantation of Goa is small village located apart from the pollution 6 km away from Ponda in the rural side. Surrounded by green atmosphere, blessed with chirping of birds is a perfect and calm place that will rejuvenate mind. People who have visited once have come back again. This place is heaven for nature lovers.

Goa is a completely entertaining place, offering something to everybody. There are beach sports, bullfights, casinos, rave parties, river cruises, grand shopping arcades and water sports and lot. As compared to other cities of India, Goa is well known for a sizzling and happening night life.What to do in Goa never ends but it makes an unforgettable experience throughout life time.

Adventure Activities in Goa

Goa is a total fun place and a great place to visit. Beach sports in Goa are famous Adventure Activities in Goa. Football is a famous game played by everyone in Goa. Goa people are so energetic in sports Adventure Activities in Goa. Beaches in Goa are the best place for both fun and peace. Volleyball, basketball and football are very famous and energetic Adventure Activities in Goa. Water sports are the popular and prominent activities in Goa. Surfing, Scuba diving, Parasailing, Windsurfing and snorkeling are the adventure activities in Goa. Arambol beach and Bogmalo beach are the great places for the aquatic sports. Gand Island is famous for the scuba diving. Windsurfing is one of the adventure activities in Goa. Endless beaches are the pest place for the sporting activities in Goa. It is one of the best things to do in Goa. Goa Things to do never ends in dazzling city.

Fun Places in Goa

Goa is the Las Vegas of India for the professional gamblers. In Goa there are top class casinos are present in which popular games like roulette, blackjack and craps etc played. They provide friendly atmosphere and outstanding hospitality. There are lots of best casino are available filled with vitality. In cruise casinos are famous game among tourists. Casinos are the one of the best fun places in Goa.

Night clubs in Goa
Night Club in Goa is famous for party, dance and drink. Goa people love to party hard at night and tourist also adores to do party. There are lots of fun places are available for the party animals. Discotheques, nightclub, bars, casinos and pubs are the famous places of tourist at night. Goa Things to do never ends in this charming city at night.

Shopping Places in Goa
Arjuna is famous Wednesday Market and it is one of the fun places in Goa. More than thousands of stalls are present in this market sells popular things in Goa. Arjuna beach is extremely famous amongst foreigner where beachwear, trinkets, trinket sold at the affordable price by doing bargaining. At Arjuna beach there are good restaurant are also present so that one can chill out after doing shopping. Arjuna is amongst the good Goa Shopping places for pleasing shopping experience. Mapusa is also one of the good shopping places amongst the other Goa shopping places. Friday market Mapusa is great shopping place where shops sell old coins, spices, curious and dried fish.

River Cruises
Long and wide beautiful rivers and the picturesque lakes of Goa proffer long and languorous river cruises that have become one of the major tourist attractions in Goa. Adventurous crocodiles or dolphin spotting cruises make them a real wonder for the tourists.

Rave Parties in Goa
Rave parties in Goa held every night at the time of New Year and Christmas. Rave parties are full of dance, music and fun. Enjoy your Goa things to do in night charming parties.

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