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Goa is the city of fun-loving, peaceful and friendly people. Goa peoples love to enjoy each and every moment of life. Goa Peoples are known by the name Goans. Goa is the city of diverse culture and religious but Goa people loves to enjoy on their own way. Goa is the unique combination of East and West people. Goa people welcome their guest with warmth and pleasure.

Goa Peoples speak Konkani which is the mother tongue and official language of Goa. English, Marathi, Hindi and Portuguese are also speak in Goa. Due to 450 years Portuguese ruled over the Goa so Portuguese language is also famous amongst the Goa Peoples. The people of Goa celebrate every festival with joy and pleasure like Diwali, Eid, Christmas, Carnival, Ganesh Chaturti, Shigmo and lots of festivals. Fishing is the main occupation of people and lots of Goa peoples are fisherman. Goa is the place where pillion passenger motorcycle taxi and two wheeler taxi known by the name Pilot and is a very famous to roam around market in Goa.


Goa people are Music lovers and so much affectionate towards music. Music is in the vein of people of Goa. Goa peoples love to play guitar and piano. Music is life of Goa peoples and their love for music can be heard at every place in Goa. Favorite sport of Goa people is Football and cricket. Siesta means afternoon breakfast is a very important part of Goa people. It is an afternoon break in that Goa peoples shut their shops and go off to homes for a break and timing is from 1pm to 4 pm. Due to the burning sun and heat makes Goa peoples to stay in home. People of Goa are very hard workers and they are dedicated so much to their work.

Tribal People of Goa

Goa is ruled by many rulers but Portuguese ruled Goa more than 400 years and impact of it is still on the culture of Portuguese. Some of the original tribes of Konkan are still survived in the land of Goa even after so many battles. Main tribal people of Goa are Gowda tribe and other tribes are Kunbis, Velips and Dhangars. Traditional life style of Tribes people is reflected on their customs, religious beliefs, superstitions and food habit. They are more civilized people because of their habits, traditions and customs.

Gowda is the main tribal of Goa and they stay in Goan villages. They follow the Hindu religion and their chief deity is Lord Mallikarjun which is an epithet of Lord Shiva.Tribal people of Goa is very strict in protecting their tradition, culture and blood vein. During the rule Portuguese Gowdas asked to change their religions and this was the time when they divided into different groups, Women's has given highest priority in the Gowanda. Tribal people of Goa are allowed to work for the development of their society.

Kunbis Tribe is famous for their culture, traditions, dance and music. They have the Hindu religious belief. They work with dedication to earn for living. Velips are also original tribe of Goa and they usually stay in the forest area of South-Goa. Dhangars are shepherd and they have come from the Gujarat. Festivals celebrated by Dhangars are so colorful and their dancing is mind blowing as they dance in traditional way. Dhangars wears white cloths during the dance performance.

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