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Goa History

Goa is a small state on the western coast of India in coastal belt called Kokan. Goa has an enthralling and diverse history. Majestic rule and splendid culture makes history of Goa wealthy. Invasion of Goa and diverse clash of the rulers are very well depicting in the various temples, mosques, monasteries and churches of Goa. Elegance and glory of Goa is believed to have been settled by Paleolithic and Mesolithic tribes and cavemen before 6000BC. After that Goa has been gone various revolutions and it gone through different rulers.


In the 3rd Century BC, Goa was ruled by Mauryan Empire (Buddhist Emperor). It was time of foundation of Buddhism in Goa. In between 2nd and 3rd century BC Goa was under the rule of Chutus. Then Goa was ruled by many reigns from the Western Kshatrapas, Abhiraj, Bhojas, of the Yadav and the Kokan Mauryas. After that Chalukyas of Badami ruled the Goa and later by rashtrakutas of Malkhed. After the next few centuries Goa was under the rule of Southern Silharas of Kokan. The rule was later on successfully ruled by the Kadambas and Chalukyas of Kalyani.Imposing rule and wonderful culture makes history of Goa wealthy. Lots of wonderful temples, mosques, monks and churches are the existing evidence of Goa History.

Jayakeshi-I during the period 1052 to 1080 ruled Goa but after his death Goa was successfully ruled by the Chalukyas and after that by Yadavas of Devgiri. Later on Goa was ruled by Delhi Sultanate but with the breakup of the Tughlaq kingdom in 1370 they were admit their defeat by the harihara I of the Vijayanagara Empire till 1469 but after that Goa were prohibited by Bahmani Sultans of Gulberg. Later on ruler fell to the Adil shahis of Bijapur and it was the period establishment of Velha Goa which is popularly known by the name Old Goa. He ruled over Goa over 12 years and during this period he built magnificent palace in Panaji which recently housed the state Secretariat.

Portuguese rule was started in 1510 when they defeated Adil shah with the help of a local ally, Timayya. This is the important aspect of Goa History which started in 1510 and lasted for 450 years. Goan culture drinks and languages are formed by during rule of the Portuguese. Western influences on the lifestyle in Goa are the impact of Portuguese.

In 1947 India got Independence from the British but Portugal rejected the transfer of their authority on Goa to India. On 19 December 1961, Indian Army started Operation Vijay that was done successfully by takeover of Goa with Daman and Diu was made into a centrally administered Union Territory of India. On 30 May 1987 splitting of Union territory made Goa 28th states of India.

Now Goa is a place of imitation of Spanish and Portuguese culture. Goa is an outstanding place which has a mixed culture with Hindu, Islamic and Christian religions that make Goa Unique place. Lots of glorious temples, mosques, monks and churches are the existing evidence of history of Goa. In Goa there are lots of good places for discovering Portuguese Culture.

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