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Goa Festivals

Goa Festivals are celebrated by varied communities and people with joy and pleasure every year in Goa. Goa Festival is related to religious activities which celebrate with great splendor and joviality by the Goa people. Goa is blend of east and west that resulted into a unique mixture of culture. Hindu, Muslim and Christian festivals are celebrated with harmony by everyone. Main Goa festivals that celebrated are Festivals of light called Diwali, Christmas, Shigmotsav, Ganesh Chaturthi and colorful holi all are celebrated with sprit and joy. Other prominent festivals are Mahashivratri, Feast of St. Francis Xavier, Jatra, Saints Feast and Shirigao Jatra. In Goa there are lots of Church and temples that makes Goa a festival state.

Mixture of cultures and tradition is replication brightly in music of the church and temples. Most famous is the winter carnival festival celebrated in the month of February that will held for 3 days in Goa. It is the festival of fun, music and dance different professional national and international dancers gathered during this festival and wear fascinated designed costumes with stylish masks that makes town very colorful. This is one of the outstanding Goa festivals and must see festival in Goa.

Goa Music Festival


Sunburn Goa Music Festival is a 3-day dance music festival which is the largest music festival in world celebrated every year. Sunburn Goa Music Festival is an electronic dance music festival held in Candolim Beach, Goa. Sunburn music is a jewel of the crown of Goa that attracts thousands tourist in Goa. During Sunburn Goa Music Festival brought together Indian and International DJs from all genres of music from house to bass, guitar, drums on the same platform that create a lifetime experience.There are multiple artists Sunburn Goa Music Festival is a devastating festival that highlights India as a dance festival destination to the world. Sunburn Goa Music Festival is the festival of party animals and music lovers. Thousands of people gathered here every year to enjoy lifetime experience. Goa festival of Music is a mixture of music, food, diversion and shopping, and was ranked as the ninth greatest festival in the world. Sunburn Goa Music Festival is one of the suprub Goa festivals.

Shigmo Festival in Goa


Shigmo Festival in Goa is a spring festival celebrated around March in every year and Shigmo Festival in Goa is the main Hindu festival in Goa. Shigmo begins before five days of full moon day of Indian month Phalguna. Shigmo Festival in Goa is celebrated like Holi with colors and joy. People throw different color powder and water on friends, family and relatives. In the evening around 5 o'clock everyone from old to young started to gather on the streets to watch Shigmo parade. Crowd of varied religion gathered to watch this parade where huge dance groups perform folk dances by demonstrating scenes from religion Hindu scenes and dance till late night without getting tired. They dress up colorful characters and take part in parade with enthusiasm. It is belived that on the last day of Shigmo Festival in Goa sprit of Gade padap enters into dancers. This Goa festival comes to an end after taking bath which is refers as Mand davarap by Goa people.

Mainly shigmo festival is of two types first is Dhakto Shigmo which is also called Small Shigmo which is celebrated by farmers and rural people. It starts before five days of full moon and ends on the full moon day in old part of Goa. Dhakto festival considered as a festival of folk songs and dances. Shigmo Festival in Goa is one of the mind-blowing Goa festivals.

Vhadlo Shigmo that is Big Shigmo is a main festival that is celebrated by all people of Goa and it is five days festival celebrated in the New Conquests areas starting on the full moon day of Phalguna. This festival is celebrated in different temples of village with different dates on the same time. On the first day of this festival people of village bath and get dressed of saffron color. During this festival lots of tourist and devotees gathered in the famous temples of Goa.

People dance on music of drums wearing colorful dressed represent various divinity. Many people of different communities come together during this festival. Shigmo festival is festival of joy and pleasure that shows sprit of Goa.

Bonderam Festival Goa


Bonderam festival Goa is celebrated on fourth Saturday of August on Divar Island which is located 12 km from Goa. Bonderam festival Goa is marked by parades in the form colorful carnival. Blissful celebration and music beats are the exceptionality makes feel to dance. During Bonderam festival Goa festival different community people come together for celebrating this festival in Goa. Colorful tableaux and sparkling activities makes this small town energetic during month of August every year.

People decorate their household by colorful paintings and pictures. It is believed that two section of village was fighting during the rules of Portuguese because of land issue. Afterwards Portuguese put flags of different nation on the lands so no group can take over the land. But Villagers protested against the Portuguese by banging down all their flags and this is the reason behind the Bonderam festival. People use Toy arms made up of bamboo stems called Fotashes in this festival for fighting that used as missiles on the other competitor group which take in a good sprit just to show how the villagers were knock down the flags. Bonderam festival Goa is one of the magnificent Goa Festivals. People from nearby area gathered here in huge number and due to this feels like marvelous carnival.

Goa Carnival


Goa Carnival is four day most awaited festival celebrated in the month of February annually introduced by Portuguese. Goa festival is colorful and popular festival celebrated with dancing and singing by Goa People. In this festival in morning there is lots of singing, buffet and street plays but in the evenings People dance and partying all over the street. Different communalities come together during Goa carnival and different culture parades held here. Goa carnival is one of the most famous festivals in Goa colorful march, beats of music, graceful dancers, and nonstop dance makes streets of Goa alive and dazzling. Tourism of Goad has increased because of this popular Goa festival.

When this festival was started it was used to celebrate only by Goa people but now this festival attracts thousands of people all over the country and world. This carnival is held in February at this is the time when king Momo takes over the state and due to this all streets come alive with joy. On the final day red and black dance held in Goa carnival.Goa carnival started by the Portuguese rule bur now it is the vital festival in Goa. Music beat and melodious voice make you move in carnival. People move in jovial mood, mask, fireworks and group of dancers makes it to feel like a beautiful world around. It is one of the outstanding goa Festivals.

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