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Culture of Goa is mixture of India and Portuguese culture. Portuguese ruled the Goa over 450 years and during this period Portuguese traditions and culture reflected in the Goa people. Music and dance is deeply ingrained of Goa people they love to dance on every festival and occasions. Music is in the soul of Goa people. Goa people have diverse flavor of music Indo-western, Classical, pop and jazz and they love to listen and play it with pleasure. Piano, guitar and other music instrumentals they love to play with dance on the beach side. They can play or dance with pleasure in afternoon also in the middle of burning heat without any dithering. Portugal style and music is reflecting in music and dance of people.


Fugdi and Dhalo are traditional dance forms performed during the festivals of Goa by the women's. Dhangar dance form mainly performed during hindu festival of Navaratras. On the occasion of Shigmo festival lamp dance is famous amongst the women and they perform with delight. Goa is a wonderful merge of festivals. Goa Street comes alive during the festival seasons and blend of traditional and Goa culture exist delightfully. Legacy and heritage that the Portuguese left makes Goa a unique state. Goa people are born with music and dance. Goans are always ready to fight for the protection of Goa. Goa Culture is rich in its cultural legacy and it is modern western state amongst the other state in India. Music is in the soul of Goa Culture & Tradition.

Goa is blend of mixed culture and religion due to the Hindu, Muslim and Portuguese rulers. People of Goa are very moderate on others faiths and religion. Hindu, Muslim and catholic community live with peace and synchronization by respecting each other's religious belief. Different people with different religion stay together in Goa with peace. They take part in festivals of other communality. Catholics participate in Zatras and visit hindu temples during the eve of Dusshera which consider as auspicious day in Hindu tradition. Hindus join feast of St. Xavier with enjoyment and happiness.

Many people have transformed their religion to Christian during the reign of Portuguese but their heart belongs to India. Goa is only one place where all religion people celebrate all the festivals with unity. Goa Culture is a blend of East and West. Goa people love to play football at the stunning beaches of Goa with enjoyment. Portugal constituent is brilliantly mixed with Indian elements that give unbelievable unique culture. People of Goa love to wear western cloths and also the Indian traditional cloths. Visiting this place will give the feel of Goa culture and tradition.

Goa Culture is famous for its rich and fantastic festivals. Indo-Latin festival especially famous carnivals are celebrated in Goa with delight and pleasure. Hindu festival shigmo this is a spring festival that celebrate for the honor of New Year and for growing of life. Shivaratri is celebrated in honor of Lord Shiva. Zatara is famous Hindu festival in the temples of Goa. There are some of the festivals celebrated by respective communities but welcomed and enjoyed by everyone with enthusiasm and happiness.

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