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Portuguese ruled over the Goa territory more than 400 years and during this period Portuguese forced Goa people to convert their religion into Christian. Temples in Goa were destroyed by them and it was continued until 1812. Most of the Goa churches are the part of bishopric Goa. The Churches in Goa reflect European architectural styles and structures.

Francis Xavier who is one of the initiator of the Society of Jesus arrived in the city and quickly became the patron saint of Goa. Old Goa became the capital of Portuguese Empire and today lots of famous churches are present in the Old Goa. Design and architecture of Goa Churches are magnificent with twisted Bernini columns and colorful paintings. Approximately 60 Goa churches were built in the 18th century. Tuscan exterior, wooden boards between panels with terrific floral design are incredible and statues of Virgin Mary and Jesus are beautifully wooden carved in the Goa Churches.

Se Cathedral Church Goa

Se Cathedral Church Goa is magnificent of all the churches at Old Goa. Interior of the Se Cathedral Church Goa is so stunning and devastating. Se Cathedral Church Goa has Five bells, among them Golden bell is very famous and biggest in Goa. Se Cathedral Church Goa is dedicated to St. Catherine of Alexandria. Se Cathedral Church Goa is one of the beautiful and magnificent Goa Churches very famous amongs Goan.

Old Goa Church

Old Goa has lots of Churches because old Goa was the main administrative capital of the Portuguese empire. The invasion of Goa by Afonso de Albuquerque in 1510 followed by other people Franciscans, Jesuits and Carmelites are responsible to built Old Goa churches. Old Goa is also known by the name Rome of the East.

Xavier Church Goa

Chapel of St. Francis Xavier Goa is dedicated to St Francis Xavier the famous saint is said to have built this church. Xavier Church Goa is located on banks of the river Mandovi and Xavier Church Goa is miraculous. Xavier Church Goa is believed that it is built by him. Architecture of Xavier Church Goa is flawlessly style with lime mortar and late rite plaster. Church provide altar that is used in evening prayers and huge number of handwritten scripts that shows that this holy place is devoted to saint Francis Xavier. In 1570 Original Chapel was fell but it was rebuilt in 1884.

Saligao Church Goa

Saligao Church Goa is a fine example of gothic architecture which is located on charming surrounding at Saligao in Bardez taluka in North Goa. Saligao Church Goa was built in 1873 and Saligao Church Goa is 135 year old church. The shrine of Mae de Deus that means Mother of God was transferred to Saligao Church Goa from the convent of Old Goa. During the holiday season church gets dazzlingly illuminated at night.

St.Cajetan Church Goa

St.Cajetan Church Goa is situated opposite to the St Cathedarl built in 1661. St.Cajetan Church Goa is designed in the style of the Basilica of St peter in Rome. St.Cajetan Church Goa is a perfect example of Corinthian architecture made up of plastered with lime. The name of church is given after founder of St. Cajetan. Main alters of St Cajetan is dedicated to our lady of piety. There are total seven alters in St.Cajetan Church Goa one is dedicated to main and others are dedicated to our Lady of Piety, St. Clare, St. John, St. Cajetan and St. Agnes. Painitings on the altars are splendid and few of them depict the life of St Cajentan. Main body of church from inside is a Greek cross while other is in oblong shape. There are various saints off wooden statues are present along the side of the vault. St.Cajetan Church Goa is one of the marvellous Goa Churches.

St Alex Church Goa

St Alex Church Goa is the third one built in village. St Alex Church Goa is the first chapel was built of palm leaves along the sea-shore, in 1576.

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