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Goa is one of the most famous tourist attractions in India. Due to marvelous beaches, wonderful places, historic culture, waterfalls, magnificent temples and churches Goa is a very famous tourist destination across the world. Amboli, Sawantwadi, Vasco da gama, Arjuna beach, Colva Beach, Bondla wildlife sactuary, Dudh sagar waterfall and Arvalam waterfall are excellent and famous Goa attractions.



Amboli is a hill located in south Maharashtra and Amboli is situated before the coastal land of Goa. Amboli is lies in middle of Sahaydri hills and is famous honeymoon destination. Surrounded by greenery in Amboli there are numbers of attractive and must see places are present like Nagatta falls, Hiranyakeshi Temple, Bauxite Mines, Numerous waterfalls, temples, and lot. It is one of the best Goa attractions. Anicent Shiva temple is one of the prime Goa attractions amongst the tourist. Amboli is pollution free village where one can find peace of mind and relaxation from the hectic city life. Amboli is one of the best Goa attractions.

Dudh Sagar Waterfall Goa


Dudh Sagar Waterfall Goa also known as Sea of Milk is a breathtaking waterfall situated 60 km from the Panaji on the Mandovi River on Goa border in Karnataka.Dudh Sagar Waterfall Goa is an energetic and fantastic cascade located in the Sanguem taluka. Dudh Sagar Waterfall Goa appears like a torrent of milk from some distance going down side. When rapid water is fall from the height of 600m splendid fizz is formed and Dudh Sagar Waterfall Goa looks like stunning sea of milk. During post Monsoon season fall look striking as it wrinkle with sparkling foam like water. Dudh Sagar Waterfall Goa is one of the best Goa attractions. Dudh Sagar Waterfall Goa is an excellent place for trekking and hiking. Dudh Sagar Waterfall Goa is covered stifling forest and beautiful green atmosphere makes you feel like you are in the dreamland. Dudh Sagar Waterfall Goa is the largest fall in Goa and one of the best Goa attractions sightseeing places

Vasco da Gama Goa


Vasco da Gama Goa famously known by the name "Vasco" is the largest city in Goa. Vasco da Gama Goa is a key shipping center which plays an important role in the infrastructure and growth of Goa. Vasco da Gama Goa is not the tourist spot. Vasco da Gama Goa is located in Marmagoa Peninsula, 29 km from Panaji. One of the main Goa attractions of Vasco da Gama Goa is the Bogmolo Beach. Naval Aviation Museum is also famous spot that shows history of Indian navy, weapons, artifacts, sensors etc. Mormugao it is one of the India's natural harbor situated 4 km from the city of Vasco. Marmugao port operates container vessels and minerals that transport to Japan and Korea. One can reach in Vasco da Gama Goa by flight, Train and by bus. Goa airport is the nearest airport located 4 km from Vasco d gama. Buses and private taxis are also available for Vasco da Gama. In Vasco da Gama Goa there is lots of staying options are also available for business traveler. It is one of the best Goa attractions.

Arjuna Beach Goa


Arjuna beach Goa is located 18 km from the Panaji. Arjuna Beach Goa is one of famous beach destination in Goa. Arjuna Beach Goa is an ideal place for sizzling parties and beach is very famous for its Trance Parities. Arjuna Beach Goa is famous Wednesday Market. More than thousands of stalls are present in this market sells popular things in Goa. Arjuna Beach Goa is extremely famous amongst foreigner where beachwear, trinkets, trinket sold at the affordable price by doing bargaining. Arjuna Beach Goa is famous spot for shopping freaks and bargainers. Restaurants are also available that offers delicious sea food. South part of Arjuna beach Goa is excellent place for swimming and bathing. Ideal combination of sun, sand, sea, shopping and party make Arjuna beach Goa worth to visit and it is very famous place of tourist attraction in Goa. Staying options in Arjuna Beach Goa is limited but has some good hotels that offer great accommodation. Arjuna Beach Goa is easily access by taking bus or taxi and nearest railway station is about 29 km from the Arjuna. It is one of the best tourist Goa attractions.

Colva Beach Goa


Colva Beach Goa is one of the largest beaches in the south Goa. Colva Beach Goa is located 39 km from the Panaji. Colva Beach Goa is the most popular attraction in Goa. Colva Beach Goa is great place for relaxation, swimming, seclusion and sun bath. Colva Beach Goa is the finest beach that attracts tourist from all over the world. Water sports are the famous amongs the tourist. There are lots of places for sightseeing attracts tourist like Our Lady of Mercy Church and bull fighting which pulls major crowd to this beach. Fama of Menino Jesus is a famous Goa festival held in the month of October. Colva Beach Goa is perfect place for dining in evening. Restaurants located at colva beach servers delicious sea foods. Staying options are also available in Colva beach Goa and accommodation in hotels is fantastic. Colva Beach Goa is well connected by airport and railway station. Dabolin Airport is situated 68km from the Colva beach Goa while railway station is about 40 km away from beach. It is one of the best Goa attractions.

Bondla wildlife Sanctuary Goa


Bondla wildlife Sanctuary Goa is situated 30 km from Margao and Bondla wildlife Sanctuary Goa is the smaller sanctuary then the other three wildlife sanctuaries of Goa. It is very famous among small school students because it is like wild jungle resorts. Bondla wildlife Sanctuary Goa is situated 50 km from Panaji and 38 km from Margao. Bondla wildlife Sanctuary Goa is one of the excellent Goa attractions. Tourist cottages are also available here associated by Forest Department. Bondla wildlife Sanctuary Goa is 8 sq. km in size situated in the middle of beautiful green hill. Bondla wildlife Sanctuary Goa is good tourist attraction in Goa for nature lovers. Bondla is well known small Zoo which include Deer safari park, Botanical Garderns, Cottages etc. Bondla wildlife Sanctuary Goa is in amidst of miraculous nature. Wild Panther, Leopard, Toddy cat, Wild Boar, Squirrel, lizard, deer and lots of wild animals can be seen here. Not only animals but birds are also resides in this sanctuary. Golden backed woodpecker, Bulbul, and Hornbill are visitors of this sanctuary. During the night time this sanctuary look dazzling and striking. Bondla wildlife Sanctuary Goa is one of the good places of tourist Goa attactions. It is one of the excellent Goa attractions.

Arvalem Waterfall Goa


Arvalem waterfall Goa is situated 2 km from Sanquelim and 8 km from Bicholim in North Goa. Picturesque of the waterfall looks miraculous when water flow down from a height of 50 m then from the opposite side of mountain. Rudreshwar temple and Aravalem (Pandava) caves are located near to this waterfalls is also one of the good Goa attractions sightseeing. At the downstairs one can view charming waterfall rain. Arvalem Waterfall Goa looks stunning during Moonsoon season.Arvalem waterfall Goa is one of the best Goa attractions. Government built a park on the opposite side of waterfall from where you can see the dazzling waterfall. Best time to visit this place is at the time of Monsoon. Arvalem Waterfall Goa is favorite spot of filmmakers, photographers and directors for shooting of films or serials. The nearest bus station from Arvalem waterfall is at Mapusa. By taking bus from Mapusa or Panaji one can reach gere easily. Arvalem Waterfall Goa is a great tourist attraction Goa and its beauty live in its peace and calm atmosphere.


Sawantwadi is medium sized town located in Sindhudurg in Maharashtra. Abudant lakes, grassy forests, and farms make this town more attractive and elegant place to visit. Sawantwadi shows the culture of Konkan and it is nearby to enthralling Goa. Sawantwadi is located amidst of nature that make this place unique for its relax atmosphere. Sawantwadi will confer peace of mind, sprit and soul.Sawantwadi is one of the best tourist Goa attractions.

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